I would like to thank all the people that have helped with the collection of data that has gone into this website. I have been researching the family history since 1993 and it has only been since 2004 that I have made such progress. We were fortunate enough to be able to do a trip to Europe and England in 2004 and we were able to copy a lot of old family photos that some of our relatives had. This was a great help, then with the help of Corin Mills (who is Gary’s third cousin) and his web site is we were able to find Navy Records and Certificates of some of the hardest to find family members. With Corin living in England he has been able to go to the Archives, Cemeteries and documented the information, photographed things that I was not able to get too. I would also like to thank Donna Penn with her help and research that she has sent me on the Penn Family line.  There is also Mike Butterfield from the Newnham line that has been a great help as well with his contribution. I have also had three more connections with family members of the Williams/Garrett/Mills families and one on the Smith line. I have also been in contact with several descendants of the Croucher/Lunn family and one of the descendants of William Smith (James’s brother). 2017/18 was a big year as I have made contact with Annie and Edith Penn’s descendants in Canada and USA.  With all the help from so many people it has made my task a little easier and has allowed me to continue in reaching our goal in putting together this website. If it wasn’t for them this website would not have been possible so quickly. I would like to say a special thank you to my Husband Gary and children Darrian and Sabrina for putting up with me and the long hours that I spend researching.