I would like to thank all the people that have helped with the collection of data that has gone into my research.

I have been researching the family history since 1993 and it has only been since 2004 that I have made such great progress. We were fortunate enough to be able to travel to Europe and England in 2004 where we were able to copy a lot of old family photos and documentation that some of our relatives had.
This was a great help.  With this information I was then able to make contact with other family members and with their help I have been able to progress further.

  • Finding Navy Records and Certificates of some of the hardest to find family members.
  • There have been trips to Archives, Cemeteries and places they lived by family members living in England and trips to elderly family members, too

Here is a list of family names that I have contacted with descendents from

  • Penn Family
  • Newnham Family
  • Williams/Garrett/Mills Families
  • Hedger/Croucher/Lunn Family
  • Smith Family
  • Livermore Family
  • Raistrick/Brigg/Grief
  • Garnham Family
  • Wolstenholme/Horton/Povey Families
  • Deering Family

With all the help from so many people it has made my task a little easier and has allowed me to continue in my research and our goal of putting together a book and now this website.
If it wasn’t for all the help from all family members this would not have happened so quickly.
I would also like to say a special thank you to my husband and children for putting up with me for the long hours that I have spent researching.