Again I had some time to sit down and try to find the Penn’s in Canada.  I sent emails out on Ancestry to people that may have had a connection, but no luck.

I was starting to feel a little disheartened when I finally found the 1911 censuses for Annie in Montreal, Canada.  I was delighted and the enthusiasm was back.  This soon disappeared.

I thought seeing I can’t find them in Canada I will try again in the UK and see if there is a lead back with the other family members.

As mentioned there was another sister that went to Canada too.  I didn’t know if she was single or married when she immigrated to Canada but no luck.

However in earlier years I did find a Walter Penn in Cornwall, could this be one of the brothers?  They were all born in Sheet, Petersfield, Hampshire; this is such an unusual place name they had to be related somehow.

Back in the late 1800’s early 1900’s a lot of family never ventured out of the township or village that they grew up in so for Walter Penn to have travel such a long way from his home was considered adventurous.  Looking at his father and brother who were Bricklayers, they travelled for work so it was a possibility that Walter had done the same thing.

If this was the right Walter Penn I will look into this late.