Horton Family Line

With the new knowledge about Wills and probate I was able to get a copy of a Will for Percival Horton who was Harry Horton (my great Uncle) brother.  It mentioned leaving money to his brother Harry Horton whose last known address was in Ireland.  Up till now I could not find Harry pasted the 1911 censuses.  It gave the address he was living at so I did some searching and joined a forum page with regards to the area he was living in.

With the help of some of the people on the forum page I found he had continued his musical career as a professional Violinist with the Belfast Symphony Orchestra as 2nd Violinist, 1952 he was 1st Violinist with the City of Belfast Orchestra, and was playing as 1st Violinist with the Ulster Orchestra right up to 1966.  Then the trail goes cold again.  This was around the same time of the conflict happening between Northern Ireland and England.

Once I knew where to look for Harry I was able to find a marriage for Harry Horton and Alice Mignon Lathrope in London in 1949, then I found her death in Ireland in 1953.  I still have to confirm these.

I have lost the trail again for Harry.  Could he have died and is buried with his wife Alice or was he moved on to another area of Ireland or back to the UK during the late 60’s.

Questions, questions??

Moving on.