As you know I have been searching for the Canadian Penn’s for many years now.

Well it turns out that my husband’s grandmother (Win Smith) had been corresponding with her cousin Mary Denver (nee Wallace) for quite a while.

When she passed away some of the papers she had were passed down to her daughter who held onto them till her passing in 2013  when her daughter was sorting through the papers she found some information on the Penn’s in Canada.

This was fantastic news and knowing I was searching for them she sent me an email telling me the good news with some of the information attached to the email.

It turns out that Annie Georgina Penn married a Francis Wallace in Montreal.  They had two daughters, 1 grandson and four great grandchildren.

Amongst the papers she had kept was a newspaper clipping with a photo of Annie Wallace (nee Penn) on her 100th Birthday.  This told me one of the daughters married name.

My first clue to finally finding them, Yah!!


I started the search going through all the websites, passenger lists, censuses and databases, still I could not find them.  As the search grew cold, time moved on.